About Us

Since I was a youth I was around many sophisticated educated women, which drew me into Fashion and the likes of Fashion.  I was given the fashion magazines and was drawn in.  Every week I had to have the latest magazine and that's when it all started "the dream", having my very own brand to be in one of these magazines.  Oh my how dare you dream such a dream, and that's when the doubt and fear came in because those educated sophisticated women was taken from me as a young girl and no one left to believe in me and encourage me that I can do it.  I went to college but did not really want to be there because I wanted to be a designer and brand owner.  So I did not finish college, just at the very end I stopped.  I went as far as what I would call it "Tippy Red & Co.", that name came from my mother, it was her nickname.  I loved that name and thought it would make a Great brand name at the same time I could pay homage to her and show her the Love I had for her in this way.  She gained her wings in 2019, and would not be able to see my dream manifested as a homage to her.  In saying that, I was propelled to have my dream manifested, but now I am 51 years old.  Having my very own life crisis in 2013, I had been hemorrhaging, I thought maybe I was having a miscarriage or something, I had never had one so did not know what that felt like, but I was basically dying at home while my husband Zachary, was in North Dakota working in the Crude Oil field, as a Tanker Driver, had he not made his daily call at that time of 9am in the morning I would have been dead alone in my home.  I went into a coma for 10 days or so I was told and was hospitalized for a month, in which I had to learn how to walk, I had kidney failure and was on dialysis briefly, my pancreas exploded or whatever, I could not see temporarily, I had to have 2 blood transfusions and my bowels stopped. So having these things happened to me and I am still Alive to talk about it gave me a new meaning for life and accomplishing what I wanted for myself, and that is for Tippy Red & Co. to be manifested and to be international.  And here we are today! So, I hope that you will shop with us today and Always, you will Love your Leather Hand made bag, made to order, in London, England.  In fact, I know you will love it.  This is also my legacy for myself, my mother, children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews.
Again, Thank you so very much for your support and for supporting my dream.